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We can help with:
Microsoft Teams call queues and Auto Attendant reporting call recording device management call quality user adoption real-time wallboards reporting analytics number management

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About Code Software

UC has revolutionized working practices around the world, bringing new ways of communicating and collaborating. To make a success of this new way of working organizations need robust and adaptable reporting and management tools. Code has been producing UC productivity solutions since 2013 and is the provider of choice for more than 3,000 organizations globally.

We use our expertise to develop innovative reporting, analytical, and management software to help you unlock efficiencies and extract business insights for your UC. Code’s suite of software assists in 
managing multiple elements of your Unified Communication environment.

•    Clobba - reporting and analytics for UC
•    Clobba DM - inventory and device management for headsets from EPOS, Jabra and Poly
•    Clobba RT - real-time and historical reporting and wallboards for MS Teams Call Queues and Auto Attendants and SfB Response Groups
•    Clobba VR - simple and cost-effective call recording for Teams and SfB
•    Clobba RM - DID number and range management solution 
•    Clobba MT - delivering governance, adoption and productivity stats for organizations using Microsoft Teams

Also new to our suite of software introducing Clobba QM Queue Manager

Need to Manage your Call Queues and Auto Attendants outside of the Teams Admin portal?

Clobba QM takes the time and effort away from having to use the Teams admin portal for CQ and AA configuration and puts it into the hands of the managers and team leaders. 

- Role based access allows for localized management of CQs and AAs without the delay of central control via the Teams administrator 

- All call flows and configuration options that are available in the Teams Admin Centre are available in Clobba QM 

- Simple to use interface for none technical staff 

- Use with Clobba and Clobba RT you have visibiity of real time and historical performance trends allowing for quick and easy configuration of CQs and AAs resulting in acceptable call handling times and that SLAs are being met

With offices in the US, UK and Romania we operate through a global network of 50+ partners and have installations across five continents, ranging from SMEs to the largest global enterprises. 
We pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of customer service and market leading software.

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