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Cloud-based compliance recording for Microsoft Teams An Azure-based SaaS interaction recording solution GDPR MIFID II HIPAA Targeted recordings by Call Queue or DNIS Interaction recording solutions The modern way of work The hybrid workplace
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About Numonix

Numonix, a leading innovator in interaction recording solutions, provides a versatile portfolio of TDM, VoIP, mobile, and Microsoft Teams interaction recording and QM solutions available in on-premise and cloud integrations. Numonix empowers organizations to improve regulatory compliance, resolve disputes and enhance the customer experience by granting safeguarded access to their recordings and agent/customer data

Numonix differentiates its solutions through affordability, versatility, scalability, breadth of integration, and the control it affords users over their recordings and agent/customer data. Numonix has stayed at the forefront of understanding customer’s needs, often pioneering features before the rapid adoption curve by customers.

In early 2021, Numonix’s IXCloud became fully certified for Microsoft Teams, foreshadowing the steep adoption curve Teams has engendered. 

Uniquely activated as a fully managed service while utilizing the flexibility of Azure services, IXCloud enables instant and elastic scalability to support business growth and provides the necessary tools to maintain compliance and enhance business performance. The IXCloud OpenAPI also enables companies and third-party developers to benefit from IXCloud native capture technology, whether it be integrating with internal systems or building a third-party application.

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