Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Microsoft Lists and Microsoft Teams - A perfect wedding to improve your business!

at 60 mins - Room E

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Marco Rocca

Snr Customer Engineer at Microsoft

I'm a Microsoft SR Customer Engineer Modern Workplace and deals mainly (but not only ...) with SharePoint, a product that has been with him for 10 years and has experienced the birth and growth of all the latest versions. Today, however, collaboration is not just SharePoint, but all Office 365 applications that are helping to revolutionize the way we work. Although "writing code" is still one of its passions, today it supports customers in the migration of products on the cloud to the cloud world. In the last period I'm focusing on Power Platform and Teams. In the last years I have participated in several conferences as a speaker among which WPC Milan, PowerPlatform World Tour, SharePoint Saturday, Scottish Summit, Collabdays and European Collaboration Summit.


Marco Rocca
Snr Customer Engineer | Microsoft
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