Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Connecting legacy infrastructure when migrating to Teams

at 30 mins

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Diana Florea

Technical Solutions Director at Pure IP

Scott Rendell


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Diana Florea
Technical Solutions Director | Pure IP
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Scott Rendell


Pure IP helps organisations unlock the potential of collaborative working by empowering enterprise-wide communication to enable change.

We do that by connecting the old with the new, integrating voice across the ever-evolving platforms, systems and applications to provide a single connected communications service to enable businesses to collaborate effectively in more locations than other providers.

We offer a progressive suite of services that continues to evolve to meet new technologies and customer requirements. Built around our own secure, reliable and adaptable global voice network, our services are underpinned by a technical-led team steeped in voice experience and expertise.

With full PSTN replacement services in 40 different countries, service coverage in a total of 90 countries and a 24/7 follow-the-sun international support operation, Pure IP has the global capabilities to satisfy even the largest of multi-national organizations.

This is why we are trusted by millions daily to power their business communications. Visit Booth

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