Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

How to host a multilingual conference in Microsoft Teams using Speechly and a Jabra device.

at 30 mins - Room E

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James Haworth

Chief Executive Officer at Speechly



James Haworth
Chief Executive Officer | Speechly
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Speechly is exclusively configured to work with compatible Jabra devices and allows one-to-one conversations between two individuals wearing headsets or talking into a Jabra speakerphone in the same room or using any conferencing solution such as Microsoft Teams.

  • Real-time interpretation in many languages
    Communicate in the most widely spoken languages in the world, translated instantaneously using AI that is continually learning
  • Configures with compatible Jabra devices
    Download the Speechly app for mobile or desktop. Once installed, Speechly will automatically begin configuration with your compatible Jabra device and start translating straight away.
  • Save money and be more responsive
    Avoid expensive interpreter fees and allow your staff to communicate more frequently and spontaneously with the customers and communities you serve.

For more information visit us at Booth 5 at Commsverse, join one of our presentations or visit our website: Visit Booth

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