Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Logitech:  Connecting and Collaboration

at 20 mins - Room B

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Martin Smith

Martin joined Logitech at the start of 2018 as a Video Collaboration Specialist after over 20 years in the IT Channel, most recently at Polycom.  Martin believes that video is now a standard requirement in all our lives, be it at work or at home.  He explains, 'Organisations are looking to maximise their collaborative workspaces globally across multiple sites, provide seamless integration of remote home and hybrid working and offer always-on connectivity for all.'


Martin Smith
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Logitech Video Collaboration’s goal is to make video meetings accessible and affordable to every business and every individual, without sacrificing quality. We want to video-enable every meeting room, every workspace, and every home, empowering workplace collaboration from anywhere, whilst ensuring productivity and continuity. 

Logitech has tapped into new workplace trends and transformed the video conferencing industry with enterprise-quality tools priced for businesses of all sizes. We have brought HD-quality video communications to the huddle room, a space where colleagues can hold meetings within the open-layout workspace. Logitech HD webcams like Logitech BRIO outperform embedded cameras and enable face-to-face meetings anywhere, anytime.

Logitech provides complete collaboration solutions for different sized rooms with a line-up of conference cameras, webcams, and intelligent whiteboard cameras, all of which are certified with the likes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google through our extensive partnerships. And for personal workspaces we also offer a range of high performance headsets and webcams. All these products are engineered for exceptional performance, yet are so intuitive, people love to use them. Visit Booth

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