Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

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at 60 mins - Room C

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Yannick Reekmans

M365 Solution Architect at Qubix

Yannick (a Microsoft Office Development MVP) is born and raised in SharePoint, starting out his career almost 10 years ago when SharePoint 2010 was still new and shiny. The changing reality of the cloud made him expand his knowledge to the whole of Office 365 and Azure, but SharePoint and Microsoft Teams are still his focus areas. He is a Managing Partner and Cloud Solution Architect at Qubix, a Belgium-based consultancy firm, responsible for the technical underpinnings of products and solutions. Problem solving and development are his passion, still working day to day with code. He always asks the important questions: How does it work? What do you want to achieve? Do we really need development for this? Where's the coffee?


Yannick Reekmans
M365 Solution Architect | Qubix
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