Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Successfully driving adoption of Microsoft Teams  

at 30 mins

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About The Speaker

Barry Coombs

Chief Technologist at ComputerWorld

Speak to me about improving your organisation's usage of Microsoft 365. 

I am a blogger, author, podcaster, and a Chief Technologist who loves to talk about technology and specifically help people and organisations become more productive using the tools available in Microsoft 365.


Barry Coombs
Chief Technologist | ComputerWorld
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About ComputerWorld 

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, ComputerWorld can help you maximise your investment in Microsoft 365. ComputerWorld works with your organisation to ensure that your users are fully enabled to use the tools within Microsoft 365 to enable communication, enable collaboration and improve productivity. 

When you work with us, you’re not on your own. From scoping out your requirements to negotiating agreements and supporting the onboarding and adoption of new technology, we’re on hand at every turn to make sure M365 is fixing the problems you need it to, without surplus requirement. We’re confident we can enhance the value you’re getting from your current subscription- advising on everything from pricing plans and configuration options, to the migration of workloads to Azure should you need to.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and we’ve worked with them for over 25 years – so you can put your trust in our knowledge and expertise. Always up to speed with what’s new, we’re quick to spot fresh ways for our customers to capitalise on Microsoft technology. That’s not only through subscription selection, but also our business transformation services which audit your full ecosystem to identify opportunities for change.

How Computerworld can help you get the most out of Microsoft 365

To help you ensure that your Microsoft 365 environment fully meets your needs, we will review with you four specific areas.

  1. Licensing 
  2. Support Services 
  3. Training and Adoption 
  4. Security and Protection 

We start by helping you understand what’s included in each of the plan options and which one is suitable for you. We’ll come to this conclusion based on conversations about the workings of your business, the way your team collaborate, and any gripes with your current system (M365 or otherwise) that you feel need ironing out. As a result, for many organisations, we can help them save money compared to current agreements. 

Support Services 

With Microsoft 365 playing such a pivotal role within your business, it is essential to have the proper support on hand should you need it. Every customer who purchases their Microsoft 365 CSP licensing through ComputerWorld benefits from our CWcare M365 support. Further to this, we also undertake a complimentary bi-annual review of their Microsoft 365 environment from our in-house specialists.  

Training and adoption

While ComputerWorld can offer a wide range of training and adoption options for your business, we also believe it is important to have the right resources on-hand and ready for your users anytime they need them the most. The Adopt 365 platform is developed by the Microsoft specialists at ComputerWorld and offers, Single Sign In with your Microsoft 365 credentials, Training Playlists, Extensive Library of Resources, Full Search Capability, Blog and Podcasts to keep you informed and monthly live training sessions. 

Support Services 

With Microsoft 365 supporting every aspect of your business, it is essential that your data is secure and protected from both leakage and loss. As part of our complimentary bi-annual review for CSP customers, we will help you review your Secure Score to highlight areas of concern and potential improvements within your Microsoft 365 environment. On top of this, it is crucial to consider a layered approach to security and protection for Microsoft 365. The specialists at ComputerWorld will help you assess this and help you choose the right solutions for you. 

How to get in contact 

The ComputerWorld specialists would love to hear from you to understand how your business can the most out of Microsoft 365. 

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