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Imagicle: all the UCs apps you need to get the most out of Microsoft Teams.

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Andrea Sonnino

Senior Tech Solution Specialist at Imagicle


Andrea Sonnino
Senior Tech Solution Specialist | Imagicle
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Leading company in the UC apps space since 2010, Imagicle develops applications and services to help companies streamline communications on-prem, hosted, or in the Cloud, counting on three Italian offices and fully-owned subsidiaries in Miami, Dubai, and Riyadh.
With more than 300 Partners and Service Providers and thousands of customers in more than 150 countries, the company serves enterprises, banks, educational institutions, public administrations, hospitals, and prestigious hotels worldwide, offering the highest flexibility and scalability through perpetual licenses or subscriptions.
Customer Service, Call Recording, Call Analytics, Contact Manager, Digital Fax and Hotel Services: freshly made by a happy team of nearly 100 people and available with a 7-language support service rated 9.8 and advanced services to assist with configuration and integrations.
Imagicle is a Microsoft GOLD Partner. The Imagicle UC Suite is ready to streamline your operations on your preferred Microsoft platforms, from any device. Find out more here.

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