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About The Speakers

Jamie Stark

Program Manager, Microsoft Teams at Microsoft

Jamie Stark is a Principal Program Manager with Microsoft Teams and works on the Teams admin center. Previously, Jamie was a Senior Product Marketing Manager in the Skype division and looked after voice, networking and interoperability for Microsoft Lync. Jamie has spent the last 20 Years in Enterprise Software for UC, Contact Center, and Enterprise PBX systems and is a frequent speaker at Microsoft's Ignite and industry events including Enterprise Connect. Jamie lives in Seattle and tweets sporadically from @nomorephones

Joel Rowland

Visionary / Executive Director at Heroes of Impact

Joel Rowland is the Visionary Executive Director of Heroes of Impact, a youth leadership non-profit, based in Denver, Colorado. He is a certified trainer, speaker, and coach with the John Maxwell Team. Joel has been leading non-profits for 16 years and specializes in youth leadership development. He has influenced thousands of students to be leaders in their schools and communities in multiple states. He enjoys playing guitar, hiking, ancient languages, coffee, and exploring new places. His passion for inspiring youth comes from personal tragedy that he had to overcome and those who have invested in him.


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Jamie Stark
Program Manager, Microsoft Teams | Microsoft
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Joel Rowland
Visionary / Executive Director | Heroes of Impact

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