Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Viva la Vida! How AI is Changing the World of Work

at 60 mins - Room A

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Bill Ayers

Technical Director at Flow Simulation Ltd.

Dr Bill Ayers is a consultant developer and solution architect who has been working with computers for over 30 years. He originally earned his PhD in applications of computers in engineering before specialising in collaboration with SharePoint and more recently Microsoft 365 and Azure. He also specialises in mobile development and agile software development practices. He is a Microsoft Certified Master and Charter MCSM for SharePoint, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Office Development MVP. He has also taken over forty Microsoft certifications and is a CompTIA CTT+ certified classroom trainer.  He speaks regularly at international conferences and user groups and is ba


Bill Ayers
Technical Director | Flow Simulation Ltd.
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