Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Change your Teams Journey with Creative Internal Campaigns

at 20 mins - Room B

In Person Session On Demand
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David Callaghan

Modern Workplace Lead at WM Reply


David Callaghan
Modern Workplace Lead | WM Reply
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WM Reply are experts in using Microsoft technology to solve real business problems through design, build and adoption. Built on decades of knowledge and using the latest technologies such as Sitecore, Microsoft 365, Dynamics and SharePoint, we aim to create digital platforms that enable our clients to foster meaningful, online engagements with both their employees and customers.

We implement personalisation and UX best practise to deliver customer journeys that react, adapt and respond to each individuals unique needs, providing the very best experience for internal teams and customers alike. Microsoft's 2021 Finalist for Employee Experience Partner of the Year, WM Reply are your partners for empowering your people through technology. Visit Booth

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