Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Put Voice in Microsoft Teams Globally

at 30 mins

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Jack Condron

Solutions Consultant at Aura

Hi, I'm Jack. I've been working in telecoms for over 15 years, having started out as an engineer at BT, moving on to various Avaya resellers in the UK, Europe and New Zealand, and presently working for Aura. These days I reside in the US, having left behind my beloved West Ham United two years ago for the Bears, Bulls and Cubs of Chicago! My passions are travel and tech and I'm looking forward to my first Commsverse event!


Jack Condron
Solutions Consultant | Aura
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Aura is a new kind of managed services provider, supporting global communications across a wide range of technologies to deliver our customers SIMPLICITY. Aura has more than 30 years’ experience in the communications industry, thousands of happy customers and works with the world’s best vendor and technology providers to help global organizations achieve a perfect integrated environment that enables productivity, empowers teams with great tools and simplifies management. Aura brings together technologies, systems and providers across multiple regions into one consolidated service. Visit Booth

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