Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Level up from communication rooms to collaboration rooms with Poly

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Vincent Dal

Solution Architect Microsoft EMEA at Poly

As a formal Siemens and Microsoft employee, Vincent has been part of the UC landscape for the last 24 years. Vincent is very focused on the user experience and the advantages an end user finds in native Teams products. His sessions are usually based on some support slides and lots of live demo’s, making them both interesting and fun to watch.


Vincent Dal
Solution Architect Microsoft EMEA | Poly
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Work is no longer a place, it's what you do and how you do it.

Poly is a trailblazer in solving the dilemma of work from anywhere  -  creating equity between those in the room and those who aren’t.  Whether in an office setting, a remote hub, or your home office, we’ve got you covered.  Poly outfits your office space and your personal space  - even those in outer space - with the gear you need to look and sound your best.

After all, 100% of Fortune 500 companies rely on our products and services, to the tune of $2 billion in annual revenue. That'll definitely get you to the moon and back a few times.

So, if you're a free thinker, a can-doer, a "failure-is-not-an-option" kind of company, we should definitely talk. No matter what planet you're from. Visit Booth

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