Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

Operator Connect vs Direct Routing. The changing face of enabling dial tone and what it means to businesses.

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Ben Merrills

CEO at Zapappi

Ben has an extensive background in the service provider sector ranging from one of the UKs first GSP's to national ISP's, this helped build a wealth of knowledge in both software development and networking. In 2013, Ben created Zapappi with the aim to bring Cloud Services to businesses via Channel Distribution and the business successfully provides these services including SIP, Direct Routing and CPaaS to companies both here in the UK, EU and the USA.


Ben Merrills
CEO | Zapappi
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Zapappi provides a suite of telephony products and services that allow customers to build their own unique communications portfolio. SIP Trunking, SMS, Numbering, and Voice Applications allow customers to deliver unique experiences that are built on their brand values and not that of a carrier. Visit Booth

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