Commsverse - Microsoft Teams Conference 2021

All Roads Lead to Teams! Working with Tasks by Planner and To Do

at 40 mins - Room C

In Person Session On Demand
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Sharon Weaver

CEO at Smarter Consulting

As a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Certified Trainer, Process Improvement, and Productivity Expert, Sharon's background in Software Development, Business and Systems Analysis, Project Management, and Agile combined with her Developmental Psychology degree and Six Sigma Black Belt blend perfectly with her love of helping and training people to make her a well-rounded leader, consultant, and coach.

Solving both process and technical problems, Sharon has the unique ability to listen and uncover client pain points to develop a plan that will not only build the needed solutions, but to also drive change, adoption, and education in a way not typically seen from technical consultants.

Sharon is the founder and CEO of Smarter Consulting, a business and technology consulting services company. She founded her business as a way to grow and diversify the technology resource pool by providing opportunity to underserved individuals such as women and minorities by providing them with the opportunit


Sharon Weaver
CEO | Smarter Consulting
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